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Michael Horswill creates abstract visual environments that juxtapose natural materials such as wood, rawhide, beeswax, and bamboo with mechanical materials such as steel, copper, wire and glass. 

Horswill’s influences include a fascination with mechanical systems combined with immersion in nature, including bee-keeping and watching the occasional moose while welding. He grew up in the Northwest and attended art schools and universities in Montana, Japan, Washington, and Idaho, studying studio art, architecture, Native-American artifacts, African and Oceanic art, and Asian Wabe-Sabe philosophy, culminating in an MFA.  His work as an illustrator, painter, and sculptor is balanced by teaching design, sculpture, and art history at North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene.

​Horswill is a life-long student of art, continually exploring and uniting processes and materials to create both intricate smaller sculptures for gallery exhibitions and larger public artworks for installation in the Inland Northwest region. 

Please follow this link to view professional RESUME.

He is represented in Coeur d'Alene by The Art Spirit Gallery: see the contact page for more information.